Migration audit

  • Today, the holding of a “migration audit” in Russia is in demand among companies using the work of foreign citizens. This is primarily due to the fact that the legislation of Russia in the field of migration and labor law is rather complicated, and the sanctions for its violation are high. Fines for the company range from 200,000 rubles to 800,000 rubles for each foreign citizen.
  • The experience of A3 Group with large investors in various constituent entities of the Russian Federation shows that companies often make mistakes in the processing of documents related to the employment of foreign workers. The prompt elimination of mistakes in attracting foreign labor is the key to the success of an organization.
  • Our law firm employs highly qualified specialists with experience in the field of migration and labor law for more than 15 years, possessing deep knowledge and practical experience in this field.
  • The result of the audit is a professionally prepared expert opinion, which will list all violations and recommendations for their elimination.
  • The advantages of “auditing”: prompt identification of violations of the law in the employment of foreign workers; competent assistance in the elimination of violations in the immigration and labor laws; during the "audit" the company receives reliable information on all the latest innovations in the field of migration and labor law.
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